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JUNE 2011

The buzz is building on So Hideous, My Love... and their soon to be released EP 'To Clasp a Fallen Wish with Broken Fingers'. says "... Add another band to the list of amazing new metal acts to come from NYC: So Hideous My Love..., do a fine job combining black metal musical aesthetics with tight, atmospheric sound-scapes ala Junius, Constants, Moving Mountains etc."


Check out this great YouTube review the band received as well!



The press campaign has begun and we hope to continue to see some positive feedback among press and radio. All reviews we receive will be posted in our blog or through our twitter, so sign up if you haven't done so already! Finished copies should be in our hands by the 18th or so! Pre-orders have been hot so far, so don't miss out.


The Moth Eater / Black Thai picture disc is in house and look amazing. Copies are selling fast, and once this limited run of 250 is gone, they are gone!


As always, you are invited and encouraged to listen to all of our releases at our bandcamp page, and you can now stream all PTA releases on your iphone or compatible smart phone device. Just download the free APP, 'Kumbaya' and type in 'Play The Assassin'... Till next month!




MAY 2011




We are now taking pre-orders for the upcoming release from So Hideous, My Love... . 'To Clasp a Fallen Wish with Broken Fingers' will be released in two vinyl formats. 110 gram 10" blood red or snow white vinyl. Quantities are limited to 100 of both color schemes. Finished product should be ready to ship from our offices by June 21st. All orders come with a digital download card which will allow to download the record along with an MP3 copy of the band's now out of print debut EP, 'I Balance a Daydream on an Edge of a Knife'. All pre-orders will also receive a CD copy of one of our first label releases from the band, Oh The Horror. 'To Clasp a Fallen Wish...' will be available from our digital store on/around May 1st, and through all major digital outlets around the time of the vinyl release.


We expect to have official copies of the Moth Eater / Black Thai split in this week, and all pre-orders will be shipped out by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience. They look great and can't wait to share them with the world!




APRIL 2011

Attention those who have pre-ordered the Moth Eater / Black Thai picture disc. We had a small problem with the mastering process and it set up back about two weeks...Instead of March 27th, we hope to have them in stock and shipping by April 19th. Sorry bout that! We want to make sure we put out the best possible product and we are sure you will be more than satisfied with the final product. All pre-orders come with a bonus full length cd from a random PTA artist as well as a digital download card to redeem the record for FREE, so tell your friends!


Any day now, we will get the final masters for the upcoming So Hideous, My Love... 10" vinyl. The vinyl will be available in two formats; 'blood red' or 'snow white'. We are currently working with an amazing German photographer who is creating a beautiful cover. All will be individually hand numbered and housed in a reverse cardboard jacket. Pre-orders have begun, and you will soon be able to purchase it digitally through out digital store. All vinyl purchases come with a free digital download of the record as well!


We are planning on only sharing the most important 'need to know' news on the official site, but plan on holding contests and sharing day to day news-bites from Play The Assassin artists on our blog, so if you haven't already, sign up by clicking the link on the left. You can have updates sent directly to your inbox or your RSS feed. Don't forget to friend us on Facebook as well. You never know where the next giveaway will be announced! Did I mention we have a twitter? Get busy!





Welcome to 2011. As you may notice, Play the Assassin has a new website. The new year brings new changes and we are now a well polished, stream-lined machine with a new team in place. Play the Assassin Records, the Teta Marketing Group, & Killjoy Merchandising are now fully operational. Siosique is another story, but we will get to that later. We encourage you to take a look around and see all there is to be offered within our little home on the intra-web.


We have two new releases on track for an early Spring 2011 release, and one that is now being re-pushed. You may pre-order or buy RIGHT NOW in our store:




Moth Eater / Black Thai "Lowering the Doom" - (expected 3/27/11) This 10" picture disc features two great East Coast doom rock bands. Moth Eater hails from NYC and features former members of Dirty Rig (Escapi Music) and Scar Culture (Century Media). Boston based, Black Thai brings to this baseball-esque unity, members of Cortez & We're All Gonna Die. While on the baseball field, groups from New York & Boston will be out to destroy each other, on vinyl, these two sides team up to bring the listener a whole boat load of metal, sweat, beer & destruction. 4 songs are included on the vinyl and all purchases will come with a digital download card where they may redeem an additional 6 bonus tracks from the two rock giants.


So Hideous, My Love... "To clasp a fallen wish with broken fingers..." - (expected 4/20/11) Hailing from the dark depths of New York City, these progressive black metallists will be releasing their 2nd EP on 160 gram colored vinyl. Following their 2010 stunning debut, "I balance a day dream on an edge of a knife", So Hideous, My Love... takes their brand of classical beauty and metal ugliness to new heights. Taking cues from contemporaries, MONO, Envy, Heaven in her Arms, & Celeste (France), So Hideous, My Love... will assault your senses (mind, body & soul) and leave no trail in it's path. All vinyl purchases will include a digital download card to redeem the EP as well as copy of the band's now out of print debut!


Back in early 2010, we released the debut record from Washington DC based, Nothingface. We don't have to tell you about Nothingface. TVT. Ozzfest. Brilliant music. Destruction. Carnage. etc... This is the record the band made (on their own dime) prior to Pacifier (Mayhem / DCide) back in 1995. The band dusted it off, remastered it to enhance the brash sounds, and handed it off to us, where we pressed it on 160 gram clear vinyl. We threw in some blood splatter to make it all the more 'pretty'. Strictly limited to 500 copies, not too many copies remain....We are looking to clear our shelves, so if you buy one of the remaining copies, we will throw in a digital copy of the record...Saves you the trouble of going out to find it illegally. Support us indie guys! Get your copy now, cause once their gone, they are gone!

Early 2011, saw us start a new extension to Play the Assassin. Cleverly enough, we have decided to call it, Assassin Extended. Yes, in a clearest sense of the idea, it is a distro. But it is actually so much more. No, really! Rather than just take in any and all product to make our store look more impressive, each artist & release were specifically targeted. We reached out to each label personally and made this pitch. We wanted to bring in copies of these band's releases, and rather then have them sit in our store-front and hope they get discovered; we would actively promote them as if they were our own. Kind of like an un-official licensing of the release. We love each record in Assassin Extended. We hope that you will too!



2010 saw 'real life' take precedent over many things in our lives, but in 2011, the Teta Marketing Group is live once again. We are freelance representing several magazines in the music, horror, and 'the oddly' genre's. Print is not dead. Get in touch for media kits! The Teta Marketing Group is built around a team of industry vets who have unsurpassed expertise and unmatched experience in the hard rock music field. We can help you with your graphic design needs; website development; public relations (print & radio); consulting; branding; etc...

Killjoy Merchandising in partnership with WAR MACHINE MARKETING is your one-stop shop for all of your branded promotional item needs. From the obvious to the obscure, we now offer over 1,000,000+ different promotional items to help brand your company or band. We also have the ability to provide storage, shipping & order fulfillment for your items. We cater to budgets big and small! Get in touch for a quote today!

Siosique! Ahhh, the mysteriouss Siosique! The original concept behind Siosique was to locate & distribute unearthed and obscure public domain horror & exploitation films. Upon extensive research, we have decided this was way too much of task to take on. While the passion would be obvious, the realities would be a disappointment. We do have a better and more exciting idea, which we hope to roll-out mid 2011. Let's get the rest of the house in order first, but make sure to keep tabs, cause I think it will be thrilling to horror and exploitation fans worldwide!

That's it for February! This was more of a re-introduction and future updates will not be this long. Hey, I doubt any of you made it to this sentence...But thanks for checking us out, and be on the look out for Play The Assassin in 2011!